The dinners and theme nights

Asparagus and fish:

In spring, the restaurant La Pigna Lignano Pineta, we organize themed dinner with local products and traditional recipes, asparagus and fish: scampi salad, asparagus and scallops, noodles with prawns and asparagus.

Integral and Artisan

All spring from March to May Wednesday at the restaurant La Pigna we offer aperitifs "Integral and Artisan", allowing you to discover the charm of small breweries in the world accompanied by many small cicchetti.

There's soup and soup...

Every Saturday in spring, in April and May, we offer lunch and dinner of "There's soup and soup ..." in which we propose the traditional fish soup combined with the best Malvasia.


Every Friday from March to May we suggest the themed dinner there and Codfish Cod with aromas and flavors of local traditions: cod fish and stockfish Vicenza, a meeting with the Venetian tradition.

Paella and Sangria

As per tradition, this year Friday, June 9 and Friday, September 15, at 20.30, based Paella and Sangria, a dinner with the flavors of Spain, to live and share in joy with friends and family in Lignano.

Mixed boiled

Like every year, in the fall we offer a evening of boiled dinner with "His Majesty the Mixed Boiled" accompanied by sauces and by the combination of the many wines we offer.