Scallops au gratin baked
Seafood salad
Morsels of frigate tuna with mayonnaise pine nuts and seaweed powder
Tentacles of octopus on crispy bean cream and tomato confit
Squid on charcoals of bread and lemon zest
Salad of prawns from our own, chicory and dried raspberries
Snapper carpaccio with lemon gelé
smoked dried beef with goat cheese mousse
Pitina with Frant cream cheese
Crudités asparagus with toasted nuts

The main courses

Mixed grilled fish
Baked fish with potatoes x 2 people (turbot, sea bream, sea bass)
Curls of squid with crunchy vegetables
Sea bass steak with sea asparagus and bottarga
fried sardines with tartare sauce
Stewed eel
Pork Pluma burned to the plate with mayonnaise and vanilla hazelnut oil
Fillet of beef with green pepper
Veal morsels to anchovy aroma and olives
duck breast cut

I primi piatti

Spaghetti with sauce and vulpine porchettata Yogurt and Radish
Tagliolini with mullet and fennel
Spaghetti with swordfish, olives, tomatoes and capers
Linguine with black cuttlefish
Cream of nettle with red prawns and garlic croutons and rosemary
Tagliatelle with asparagus and scallops
Morsels of crepes with vegetables
Tagliolini San Daniele
Orecchiette with sausage and tomato
Potato gnocchi with duck sauce


Almond wafer with mascarpone cream and strawberries
Semifreddo with crunchy chocolate sauce
Warm chocolate cake with pear sauce and brandy
Catalan cream
panna cotta with sauce of fruits of the forest
vanilla cream with amaretto and orange sauce