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Active holidays

Active holidays in Lignano Pineta and Sabbiadoro - summer

The beach holiday in Lignano will not only be a relaxing stay between sun and tan, but also a sporting holiday, to breathe in the fresh and crisp air from the morning, the promenade allows you to walk or a bit of running a true panacea for those who love sports holidays and keep fit.

A nice walk in the pine forest of Lignano, useful for the body and also for the mind, but not only Nordic walking is also practiced on the beach of Lignano, it can be defined as Nordic beach, a reason to spend more time outdoors without lying in beach under the sun.

Walks alone or in a group, a way to socialize even with unknown people, foreigners and international guests, with the common passion of a healthy walk, therefore well-being also of spirit.

The courses are organized weekly, in the various points of Lignano, therefore the possibility of having considerable physical benefits while having fun, and then the Nordic beach is good for everyone to lose weight, firm up by breathing the beneficial sea air.

Living Lignano by bicycle

Lignano is also defined every year as a citadel of sport, because it offers guests the possibility even and those who are not really "very sporty" to keep moving and stretch their legs a little with some nice healthy bike rides.

Just to allow the elderly and children to move freely and easily, Lignano continues to build cycle paths throughout the town with paths along the seafront, through the pine forest up to the lagoon.

A bike ride allows you to avoid traffic at times when the town fills up with guests

The bicycle has become the best way to get around Lignano, in fact most of the hotels, including our hotel La Pigna in Lignano Pineta, offer their guests free rental.

Information at the tourist office makes known the calendar for any organized trips in the surroundings of Lignano, along the cycle paths arriving up to the mountain bike excursion along the Tagliamento river.

The bicycle is the best way to get around in Lignano, many guests prefer to park their car and ride their bikes, even in the evening it is possible to ride safely thanks to the excellent lighting and this allows guests to have a less polluted environment.